Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty Pageants!!!

The other day I received a letter in the mail from NAM - National American Miss. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a Pageant system. My daughter has never participated in one before but when this letter came in she expressed an interest in participating. It's an open call to come and find out more about the National American Miss Michigan Pageant held here in Michigan. We will be going to the open call this Wednesday and if she decides that it sounds like fun, we will be participating! I'm not going to lie - I am super excited about it! I had wanted to put her in pagaents when she was little, but had no idea how to do that and I was leary of all the 'glitz' involved. Now that she is older I'm not so worried about it.

This letter and her interest sparked my curiosity about pageants. I did some searching and found a 'natural' pageant that is being held down in Grand Rapids MI on April 14th. It's called Rock the Stage and it's being put on by Michigan Royal Miss Pageants. It sounds like super fun and it will be small compared to the other one we are going to the meeting for so, I entered her in it!! I think it will be perfect for her first ever pageant!!

I have started doing some homework on how to best prepare her for it. I am totally obessed with watching Toddlers and Tiara's on Netflix - lol!!!

So far I have set up a Photographer - who does some awesome work!!! You can check it out here. I have found a 'coach' to help her with how to do the beauty section and to choreograph a piece for her rockstar piece and because it's not a glitz pageant, I will be doing her make-up and I have a friend doing her hair for me. We also have been looking at dresses and rockstar outfits! I will be doing her nails and we will go to a salon to get her eyebrows done and, I'm thinking we should do a facial too.....

Any of you Pageant Moms or Pageant Judges out there have any advice? I know it's late in the game to start pageants, she will be 13 in July, but I have no doubt she will do well! Everyone has told me since she was little I should enter her in pageants or some type of modeling work, so beauty is not an issue lol!

I would love to hear any tips or tricks on how to prepare for pageants that you might have! If she likes them I will enter her in more! It opens up so many new opportunities for her!

*Disclaimer* The crown in the picture above is NOT the one that Sam would receive if she places - I found it online and reposted it here to make the post 'shine'! lol


  1. Toddlers & Tiaras is a horrible show. I think those women should have their children removed - truly atrocious parenting practices that are setting their children up for a lifetime of difficulty. Such pathetic parents. :( Please don't model your pageantry after those women. :-/

  2. Having had my rant about T&T, I'm sure you won't be like those parents, FYI - you guys have much more sense! :-D I'm certain she'll do wonderful, I've always said she should be model. She is so beautiful!

  3. lol - of course my parenting style isn't going to change just because I am putting her in a pageant!! She is super excited to do it - we will see how she feels after this first one before moving on to any others.... As for the T&T show, not all the moms are crazy!!

  4. I actually sell fancy dresses, and occasionally I sell some of them for pageants. The one thing you want to avoid is doing it for you and doing it for money. You should only do it as long as your daughter wants to do it and as long as she is having fun. I had one lady scream at her child, who was acting like a kid acts, by saying "If you want to make a career out of this, you better start acting like it". If you become like that, at that point, maybe it is time to stop.

  5. I agree with the last comment. The pageant has to be about her having fun. You don't want to become one of "those mothers" like on the Tiaras show, not that you would. But some of these moms are clearly trying to live vicariously through their children and recapture their own youth. But if the kid loves doing it, let her.