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Sweeps Atlas - Upgrading the Sweeping World!

*Disclaimer: This is a personal review / shout out for Sweeps Atlas to help spread the word about this awesome new online sweeps site!  I was not compensated in any way for this review and I am not related to or even know the creator personally.  All opinions below are my own or taken directly off of the forums of the site from real members.  Part of this post sounds 'advertisish', which I did on purpose - I want to ensure that when people are searching for sweepstakes that the Sweeps Atlas site is included in the search results - and part of this post is written in a more personal matter because, as I note later, I have been a sweepstaker myself for years and years.  I highly recommend that if you have never tried out this hobby you give it a go!!  It can be very rewarding and the community is just amazing!*


There is a new Sweeps Site blazing above other Sweepstaking sites at a rapid pace!!  Sweeps Atlas is by far one of the best Sweeping sites currently available in the online world!

Let me start this out by saying I am an on again, off again sweepstaker.  I have won some pretty impressive vacations (a week long vacation in the Bahamas, five days in California for a Tough Mudder event, a weekend in South Beach, Florida and a weekend at an insane water park in MI just to name my top four favorite ones 😊), electronics, gift cards and in general fun products doing this hobby over the past decade or so.  I would say over the years a minimum of $50,000 in winnings...  I absolutely love it - but it does take a little bit of patience and time to get good results.

Up until about 6 months ago, I was very loyal to one particular sweeps site for many years.  It has gone belly up due to reasons not really specified by the owner 😞 It was a very popular site with thousands of users.  During the early stages of demise with that site, when it was clear it was shutting down, I began searching for a new 'home' for my sweepstaking hobby.  This is when I found Sweeps Atlas 💗

Sweeps Atlas has been absolutely amazing and is leaps and bounds ahead of any of the other sweeping sites I have tried out already - with only 6 months of being open for use I might add!  It has so many customizable features like an out of this world system for tagging sweepstakes, hella sweet filtering methods, badges for accomplishing tasks in the forum, personalization of your sweeps page and forum view and on and on and on!!  **I want to note here that I am a little biased seeing as how I moderate sweeps on this site, but I can guarantee that if you give it a try, YOU WILL LOVE IT.  This site offers more in the way of searching out and maintaining your personal sweeps than any other site that I have ever visited with the intent of sweeping!

One of the goals of Sweeps Atlas is to make it easier for sweepers to find, manage and enter the sweepstakes that they are interested in entering.  Really, there are two main components to managing sweepstakes: discovering them and entering them.  Sweeps Atlas handles these two scenarios with a sweet, sweet finesse 😎.  

Entering Sweeps:

On every listed sweep there are three icons next to the title:

First is a heart.  The hearts function is to add the sweepstakes to your My Sweeps (if you don't know what this is, it's a list of sweeps that you make and maintain that lets you know what sweeps you want to enter and what sweeps that you have already entered for, so you don't have to "re-find" any particular sweep). 

The second icon is an X which, when clicked, will hide the individual sweepstakes you don't want to enter or see ( this only hides that particular sweep - you can very easily see your hidden sweeps with the click of a button at a later time if you so want to). This hide feature is one of the features that sets Sweeps Atlas apart because it allows you to decrease the amount of 'noise' within the list of main sweepstakes.

A Triangle is the third icon.  This is called the Play button.  This button is to alert you when you have played a particular sweep.  It, in itself, has a ton of cool features in it like a date and time stamp and an impressive 'smart' coloration feature for when sweeps are ready to be played again with daily, weekly, monthly etc. sweeps.  The Play button will change color from blue to green after you click it or have entered the sweeps through Embark. This allows you to visibly see instantaneously that you have entered the sweepstakes and do not need to enter it again, as well as tell you the date and time of entry when you hover over the icon.  This special button also knows (i.e. the 'smart' feature) if a sweepstakes will allow you to enter more than once, so when the appropriate amount of time has passed, this button will change it's color back to blue indicating that you can play that sweepstakes again!  This astounding user friendly feature goes hand in hand with another very, very cool filtering system you can utilize here.  You'll have to see that feature when you get in there because as far as I know, it is unique to Sweeps Atlas!!

Sweeps Atlas also offers a feature called Embark for use with entering sweeps:  

Embark is a button found at the top of your sweeps page that you can customize to open 10, 20 or 50 sweeps at once for faster entering (I have mine set to open them in separate tabs in my browser but you can also set it to open in separate browser windows).  I use this feature in conjunction with my My Sweeps - it cuts down on my entering time astronomically!!  One current member recently did a little research with the Embark feature and here is what they found: 
I timed myself sweeping today I did it in 3 intervals and give or take 1 minute. I only enter easy ones with minimal typing here is my break down of how long it takes me:Total : 173 sweeps in 61 minutes (21 seconds per sweep)Breakdown of embark vs other way .Embark : 76 sweeps in 17 minutes (13 seconds per sweep)Non embark (obviously 1x new entries and new dailies added) 97 sweeps in 44 minutes (27 seconds per sweep).  So at least for me embark cuts time in half.
This is a HUGE difference!!  We are all busy people an sometimes we only have a few minutes to spare in the day for a hobby - this feature allows us to optimize that spare time to ensure you enter the sweeps you really want to.  Side Note: you cannot currently use embark on your cell phone!

Discovering Sweeps: 

Sweeps Atlas offers all types of sweepstakes!  They are categorized smartly and tagged with entry options to allow the user to decide quickly if they are interested in entering it or not.  There has been a lot of research and polls done with the sweeping population on the site to determine what it is that we, as sweepers, want to see for tags.  For instance, it was determined that just a small blog tag was not quite enough of a distinction for blog giveaways, so, an additional tag for the giveaways that required a blog comment was made.  This has been wildly loved amongst the members of this site.

Preferences Page - Under Settings: Another of the awesome customization features this site offers!!

From here you can choose how many sweeps are shown on your page at any given time and which types of sweeps you want to look at!!  For instance if you don't want to enter any sweeps that require an essay to enter, you would click on the drop down next to Essay and put it to always hide.  You can always change these settings with just the click of a button if you change your mind!!  Easy as pie and a huge time saver when searching for new sweeps to enter!

The creator of this site is amazingly receptive to new ideas and is present in the forums daily (Crazy Right??!!)  He does extensive research into what works best for us sweepstakers and how to improve on current sweepstaking methods.  It's so refreshing to have someone so engaged in helping others, which is one of the reasons that makes this site so great!

Sweeps Atlas is so far above and beyond with its specialties, customizations and staff support systems it's unbelievable!  I will never use another sweeps site - this one has everything I could possibly ask for - and coincidentally if there was something I thought of that I wanted that wasn't on the site, I would just ask for it - the creator's goal is to make this site the number one go-to for all sweepstakers!

I have BARELY EVEN SCRATCHED THE SURFACE of the features offered here within this post!  You'll just have to visit to find out about the rest of them!!  Honestly, I could write pages of reviews on them all 😂

One of the best things about this site is that right now, at this date of publishing, until June of 2020 EVERY AMAZING FEATURE is FREE

The creator of the site made a deal at the sites start-up with the first members that while he was in the base building stages of putting this staggeringly beautiful site together, there would be no pay-for Premium Subscription.  This generosity is unheard of anywhere else!

Here's what some of the current members are saying about Sweeps Atlas:

I am absolutely loving this site. It is so easy to enter sweeps and to add them. I also like that the sweeps are directly linked to the sites instead of being ad routered through. I don’t feel like I’m under computer threat to get viruses anymore!  
I feel so pampered here!
I am looking around going…where’s the tip jar…take my money!! It’s fantastic!!
I love the look of this site!
I’m so happy to have found this place!
I’m really enjoying this website. I like the how all of the information about the sweep in right there, who is eligible, the prizes, how to enter etc. I don’t have to click on it to get that information. I also like that other ways to enter (texting, twitter FB Instagram etc) are listed.
This site is a breath of fresh air that you will experience at very few sweeps sites.
...(the owner is)... Amazingly in tune with the people using his product, and very willing to adapt the site… I LOVE it!  
I love the Top 100! I found some sweeps I had missed.
Love, love, LOVE it!  
Kudos also for the fast loading on my phone with a slow connection when I am away from my desktop… best ever! 
Another trip win! Won $1500 gift card for travel from Rita’s (Anheuser Busch). Unreal. Haven’t won a trip in years and now two. Great wins to all! 
So what are you waiting for??  Click on any of the hyperlinks to get to the log in page!!  Sign up - Remember it's FREE right now (!!!) - and start winning!


You are invited to enter your giveaways, sweepstakes and contests here!!  Sweeps Atlas will only get better with your additions!!  Already there are thousands of users that will see your giveaway and the site is growing every day!  I personally post all of my current giveaways on this site and my traffic has more than tripled since I started doing this!!

Find them on Facebook HERE

Leave me a comment and let me know if you want to hear anything else about Sweeps Atlas or what your personal experiences are with this site or sweeping in general!!!  I'd love to hear from you!!

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