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A Compendium of Characters Book Tour & Giveaway

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What an awesome smattering of short stories!!!  Below I've included some small excerpts from a couple of different genres found in the book for your reading enjoyment :D
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A Compendium of Characters 
by Mason Bushell 
Genre: Short Stories, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Adventure 

The world of imagination is a magical place filled with fantastical stories. Inside A Compendium of Characters you'll be drawn into myth, legend, and mystery on every page, and across various genres. You’ll meet aliens, vampires, angels, and maybe a ghost or two; discover stranded people, farmers with shotguns and people to save. There'll be romantic liaisons, fairytale frolics, and mysteries to solve! 

**Only .99 cents!!** 

Mason is a naturalist in every way and spends much of his time in the nature reserves by his home. His faithful dog Lucy is never too far away, especially when he is experimenting with the culinary arts. Mason loves a good mystery and dreams of opening a restaurant like the Workhouse soon.

Paranormal Excerpt

‘Kerry’s world had faded to sunlight-dappled shades of green. She felt as if the woodland was hugging her tight. It was always her most favourite place to go for a walk to relax.’

‘A white sailing skiff flashed through his mind, severed by a bolt of lightning behind his eyes. He remembered the storm and the rogue wave that capsized his vessel. There was nothing else until now.’
“Hmm, that’s so good!” He drank for another two minutes. “I’ll make a camp at the forest fringe to watch for boats. I can drink all I need and hunt the rabbits…” Harry planned aloud, as if he were giving himself orders. “Yes - I can survive here. Erm, I’ll need fires for signalling as well. I—”
Marie-Clair was still there... lurking... following in the shadows. From the bushes she leapt, howling like a banshee.’

Fantasy Excerpt

‘Ethan felt as if he were drowning; his blood pounded in his ears, he coughed, spluttered, and fought for air - he was done for.’

Romance Excerpt

“Will you trust me?” she held out her hand.
Ah well, if I’m to die today, may as well have an adventure,’ he decided.

Mystery Excerpt

“Honestly, I’d rather wear a coat of bacon and enter a wolves’ den.” Skoll blew his cold-reddened nose and stepped forward. All the way along the jetty, his eyes roved the planks for clues. The birches on the island still held a few bronzy leaves on their skeletal limbs. Autumn was just a month ago.

Mendes let out an animalistic growl. He was foaming at the mouth as he took a devilish step forward.

“Yeah! Come on, freakshow, shoot me!” Skoll beckoned, his teeth gritted with fury.

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    Thank you to everyone who commented as well. Do find me on Social Media if you have any questions as I may not see them here. Happy reading my friends.

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