Wednesday, December 4, 2019

MeWe - Better then Facebook? A Review

MeWe is the Next-Gen Social Network that actually respects the privacy of its members. No Ads. No Spyware. No BS. Your world is #Not4Sale.*1
I heard about this fairly new-ish social media site from a group on Facebook (of all places 😂) that I follow.  This group, that is strictly for Nurses of all levels, was having some issues with people reporting posts and needed another place to be able to post without fear of being reported and thrown into Facebook Jail (as it's not-so-affectionately called).  No one I know had even heard of this social media networking site before.

Maybe we have all been living under a rock?🤷  

When I started to do a little research on MeWe, so I could make an informed decision on whether or not I wanted to follow my nursing group over, I found out that it was founded waaaay back in 2012!  Its Creator, Mark Weinstein*2, has noted that he made MeWe because he wanted to give patrons of Social Media a site that gave it's users back it's privacy.  The Bill of Rights (pictured below) is what got me to sign up 😂  #2 specifically - "You Never Receive Targeted Third-Party Advertisements or Targeted Third-Party Content.  We Think That's Creepy." 😂  aaannnd this is where my love affair with MeWe started 😝

I am still trying to learn the ropes on MeWe - None of my current contacts have a MeWe account so I have been using it as one of my main blog post / giveaway pages testing it out to see if they would pull or limit my access because of the 'Mature Content' notice I have on here.  They have not 😎.  So, I have decided I will keep my profile open there.

I've made a personal Love / Hate list to highlight what I've discovered about MeWe through my experiences so far with it - maybe this list will help you decide if you want to join me on this social media network 😉

Things I personally love about MeWe:
  • I can post any links I want!!  In both Facebook and Instagram, I cannot link to my blog or any pages in it directly, either in the bio or in the posts themselves because the blog is set to 'Adult Content' settings (this is hugely upsetting to me!) On MeWe there is no issue with this!  With every one of the posts I make for the Blog, my followers can click directly on the link (!!) - nothing frustrates me more than having to see a post about something I want to read or see more of on the topic and then have to search and find or copy/paste a link to get to the content
  • It's familiar with most of the features but in an enhanced way.  Reactions to posts are just one of the enhanced ways I am talking about  - you can react with ANY emoji!! It's genius 😹
    • Side Note: You automatically get access to tons of emojis but they also have special packs of emojis you can purchase and use too - like a Unicorn set, Donut be Jelly set or a Mermaid set 😆
  • The load time of pages is way faster than Facebook, both on the PC and on my Smart Phone
    • BTW - MeWe has an App for your phone 😍  It's simple and easy to use.  I can find what I'm looking for right away with just one or two clicks!
  • Alerts, Notifications, Editing of Pages / Posts and Post Privacy is just a click away to change or set up
  • I was able to set up a group page with my own customization's easily and quickly
  • There a special customizations that both available for free and for purchase - like a dark theme for your page 😁
Things I personally hate about MeWe:
  • I have a hard time finding other people (not pages or groups) to follow or get followers - I think this is simply because I don't have any contacts already on MeWe (and I'm still learning how to work the site to my advantage...)
  • You have to pay to run create a special 'Page' - I think right now it's like $1.99 a month (which is why I'm using my 'personal' profile for my blog stuff currently - I'm cheap... errrr frugal 😂)
Here is a screenshot of my profile page currently :)
All of the personalized on the sidebars are 'open' (as in they provide the header for the information and you input whatever you want in them).  For example, in the High School section, you don't have to be as detailed I was - I put in the name of my high school as well as the city and state -- there was no prompt for city and state, I just decided I wanted to include it. 😉  But, if I decide tomorrow or in an hour that I don't want it included, I'll just click on that section and change it.  It's quick and easy!

I would suggest that all of my readers look into this site!  I really, really LOVE the fact that I can post the links directly to my giveaways and blog posts right on my MeWe posts!  It's so much more convenient than Facebook and Instagram 💗

***Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review.  All opinions are my own.  Astricks (*) denote a quote taken directly from a source which is listed with a numerical reference at the end of the post for further investigation/reading)***

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*1 Quoted from
*2 Find out more about the Founder of MeWe here:

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