Thursday, October 24, 2019

Work Shenanigans!!

I absolutely LOVE my job, not only because of what I do but also because of my Co-Workers!!

(I would like to note that ALL of us take the job very seriously and know when it's OK to take a moment to play and when it's time to 'get down to business' as they say - I don't want anyone to think that we aren't doing our jobs keeping the public safe and the inmates healthy and contained 😉  My Correctional Officers and I have a symbiotic relationship when it comes to care for the inmates.  We respect each others positions and are able to work together to give the inmates the best, safest care possible.)

This post is not about nursing or safety though...

This post is about Shenanigans 😝

As you can see in the above picture, a good toilet papering session happened in my office - this time in particular was extra fun because not only did they unroll it everywhere, they TIED the toilet paper to door knobs and rolled it through handles...  It took me FOREVER to get it all cleaned up!!  All because I waged psychological warfare that morning on one of my CO's by making her think I put something into her coffee 😂 (I didn't, but I wanted to get her back for something - I don't remember what - that she had done the day before to me)

I have this white board in my office that has no other purpose other than to be used for cute little drawings and notes for each other.... they sneak in and leave me 'love notes' to find all the time!!

Even the other nurse gets in on the action 😂😂

Here my CO's tried to draw my likeness...  I think they did a spectacular job... 😅😂

Night Shift CO's get in on it too, in their own way.... 😏😂

And of course there are just the funnies we send to each other 😄  One of my CO's went on a mini vacation so I made this for her using a pretty popular meme I like.  I slipped it into her mailbox so she would find it when she came back to work.

There are so many more shenanigans I don't get pictures of!!

(the above picture is an ad)

Like when my CO's bought this to spray around when I was trying to pass meds....  That was HORRIBLE!! 😂😂😷😷😷

Do you have any fun stories of shenanigans from your work??  I'd LOVE to hear about them!!  

Have any ideas on new and exciting ways to 'mess' with my CO's?? You guys could be my secret think tank team 😂😂😂  Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. Sounds like you work with some great people. For some reason the papers stapled on all 4 corners was really funny to me. Made me laugh.

  2. Sounds like the people you work with are awesome!

  3. some one is starting Halloween early.

  4. lol maybe they will do something to one up it this holiday.